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Groove Technology – Mind On The Beat

Some Hip-House from 1992 featuring vocals from Lady M & M & The Boomerang. Released under Parlophone records. Hip-house is the short lived genre that had circulation during the late 80s and early 90s when both hip-hop and house music were budding then blossoming to what they had eventually became. Music always seems to have a way to be interconnected just from the origins of its genres. Check this groove out!...
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The Midnight Express Show Band – Breeze Up

Here is some rare 80’s boogie funk. Some information about the release this track is from: These recordings are demo sessions from the founding members of the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS SHOW BAND, Terry Patton & Robbie Muskeyvalley aka Robbie M. Recorded at TRI-FIRE Rock Island, IL with 2-Track Stereo Cassette deck, by Terry Patton from 1981-1983. This is from a reissue released in 2009 by PPU (People’s Potential Unlimited) which is headed by Andrew Morgan. Give it a try!...
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