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James Duncan/G Marcell/Gari Romalis/Satore – Keepin The Legacy

This is a surprisingly big record. If I hadn’t been told about it,  chances are I probably wouldn’t have known about it for a year, only to come by it with a justifiably elevated price tag. As promised Hizou Deep Music carry on ‘Keepin’ the Legacy’ by offering us more magnificence in the fifth installment of their series. Marked up to only a 400 copies, the the EP boasts the likes of G Marcell, James Duncan, Gary Romalis and Satore. Aka Detroit + Chicago, Chiwax and Episodes inductees, highly demanded Metro Area associated trumpeter and of course a certain label head making an appearance. Pretty big talk from a label that plays it so cool. Why do I say that? Well, normally the protocol is to draw up the first track and follow logically from their own, instead I accidentally I hit the second track by...
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