It was 2003 when Fabio played his first record in a club and despite his young age, it was not very hard for him to outshine the resident DJs in some of the most important Milanese clubs.
Within a few years, thanks to the experience gained, Fabio decided to launch his own warehouse party through which he managed to bring various artists who fascinate and inspire his hometown of Milan.
Despite his style changing throughout the years, the medium through which he spreads his music has never changed: vinyl.
Of this he has made a true obsession, collecting thousands of records in just a few years. Around 2008 the idea of creating music, other than mixing it, became stronger, sparking his interest in drum machines and analog synthesisers and pushing him to buy the first pieces that would then form his studio and become a signature of his productions.
In 2011 he made his debut on the American House Sound records and a year later he launched his vinyl only label: Wilson Records, receiving considerable success. In 2014 he launched his all analogue live set, showcasing his own material across Europe.
The success achieved by his records, a musical selection curated in it’s smallest detail, the collaborations and the support of artists such as Gene Hunt, Derrick May and many more, ensure that Fabio is constantly in-demand as a DJ at some of Europe’s best clubs.
In 2015 Fabio releases his anticipated debut album on Wilson Records.
His sound is currently defined as a mix of Chicago house and Deep house, a combination that brings the warmth of soul, the thoughtlessness of disco, the energy of funky and the timeless rhythm of house and techno on the dancefloor..

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