MARCELLO NAPOLETANO Born March 7, 1981, started doing music since 2001 with poor technology under the influence of detroit house. He subsequently discovers the analog machines that gave birth to house music and starts to fiddle with them and with old synths. Growing with funk and jazz and Chicago house sounds like Sound Patrol and Ron & Chez he refines its production and started hanging out on the market. At the beginning in digital release for an Italian label and Unified Records (chicago) and after in vinyl for the Jamal Moss label Mathematics recordings (Chicago). Here he feels at home, Jamal believes in him and makes him do an album that will be soon released. In 2010 he unleashes many new for Mathematics and others labels. Together with Fran Mela he starts a side project and releases for Unified and in vinyl for Reincarnation, Mathematics Uzuri and Drumpoet community. Marcello’s dj set aim to rediscover the underground sound from the mid nineties from the Chicago house to the New York garage with fat beats and vocals. FRANCESCO SCHITO AKA Fran Mela • born in Salento (like Marcello Napoletano), where they founded the project IFM for the death of Ilario Corsano a friend who was also dj. First releases with Unified, Mathematichs, Uzuri, Bosconi, Quintessensial, Drum poet, and founded a label with Marcello FOTTUTE REGISTRAZIONI producing Intesterlare free form movimet and South Fuck.

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