In the 1980’s Jordan Fields not unlike any other youth growing up in Chicago was into House Music. Right from the start in 1981 the music choice for kids into dance music was the radio station WBMX with Hotmix 5: Farley “Funkin” Keith, Kenny “Jammin” Jason, Mickey “Mixin” Oliver, Ralphi “Rockin” Rosario and Scott “Smokin” Silz being the DJ crew mixing it up. In those early days the music was a mixture of the NYC Grooves, Italo Disco and Protohouse like Klein & Mbo’s “Dirty Talk” or Alexander Robotnick’s “Problemes de Amour”. In 1983 Jordan teaches himself to DJ on cheap record players with no pitch controls. The goal was that he was going to learn how to mix so he used his hands to speed up or slow down the vinyl to make the beats match. This sort of creative mind was developing very early with JF who a few years later begins to experiment with making the music he loved so much. As Jordan had decided he was going to be a DJ right from the start and as Chicago’s sound developed into House Music it was a natural progression for Jordan to want to create his own music so he begins to get his hands on music making machines. At first it was very lofi, he made grooves with a drum machine made by a Toy Maker and the Casio SK-1 sampling keyboards which was all the rage among the teenagers. JF was hooked but he needed more! He started to seek out real gear and got his hands on a Poly 800 synth by Korg. This keyboard was a big deal to Jordan as he could turn the dial and make the sounds change! All during this period Jordan is going to House Parties absorbing the culture and meeting everyone you could imagine. By 1987 Jordan had his making trax craft pretty done as there were many local hometown heroes making the records to influence him. He also had more gear! JF was determined to “make a record” so he began creating grooves and recording what he came up with right then and there straight to cassette tape. This became his process, play around with a groove and then press record! It was a good simple process that worked and so Jordan would jam for hours and end up all types of trax recorded!! You can find fine examples of these recordings on Wilson Records as Jordan Fields and Fabio Monesi have a split EP featuring trax JF made in the early 90s which have never been pressed on Vinyl until now!

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