Probably due to the fact that he was born in the year of the rise of Culture Club phenomenon, but it seems that Denis Leo, aka Okee Ru, in the course of his artistic training was able to catch the best of what was happening at that time between Chicago, Manchester and Detroit. Kidnapped by the sound of analog machines, Okee Ru started collecting vinyl since early adolescence, starting early to develop a taste and an aesthetic that have made possible to quickly establish itself the local music scene. Thanks to his efforts in the studio, the qualitative leap takes place when he release his EP “Underground Communication” on Exprezoo Records, followed by other releases on Deependance and Wilson Records. Currently Okee Ru is preparing for a new leap forward, ready to be produced by the new label of Chez Damier & Demetrio Giannice

“Drum Institute Chicago”
“Enterbt Rec”

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