Oleg Buyanov, 27 years old, Russian producer known as OL.
Based in Moscow, leading producer of Russian label GOST ZVUK who recently joined MEDA FURY, a subsidiary label of R&S with ‘Scape Border’ EP.
His tracks are a polyrhythmic and anfractuous mix of beats with deep bass rumblings and complex atmospheric sounds. The rich tradition of the Soviet Union contemporary electronic music composition is basis for how the mood changes and sound in OL’s tracks. Following the ‘Fly Russia’ tsunami he emerged to the international scene with the ‘Random Phrase’ EP and ‘Body Varial’ released on Error Broadcast and several releases on Faces Records, making heads turn from LA to Tokyo with his blend of textured atmospheric beats. OL is one of the most burgeoning young talents in Europe. Oleg Buyanov’s dusty house productions sound like they would be birthed out of Detroit or Berlin. Deeply drawn to hip-hop, soul, and jazz at a young age, he is most heavily influenced by all types of Soviet-era art and media.

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