Wilson Records boss Fabio Monesi returns this May with a blistering seven track LP in the form of ‘Parasol Dance’.

Italian native Fabio Monesi has been at the helm of the now London-based imprint since it’s inception in 2012, releasing music from a plethora of talent such as The Analogue Cops, Gene Hunt, Simoncino and many others. Alongside his label duties Monesi has been on mastering & remix duty for Soichi Terada & Schinichiro Yokota, releasing on Parisian imprint Skylax Records and also crafting output under several clandestine aliases – however, home is where the heart is and after a year in the studio his debut LP ‘Parasol Dance’ will come out through Wilson.

‘Parasol Dance’ embodies the musical headway and fruition Fabio experienced exploring different soundscapes and rhythms in his London based studio this last year. The crisp analogue cuts in the album are peppered with Monesi’s organic evolution from the New Jersey sound drawing inspiration from Jazz, Funk and even Disco, all the while never faltering on the end product of raw undulating grooves.

In a sentence, in ‘Parasol Dance’ Fabio has dished up a vibrant collection of raw and robust cuts that keep you locked from start to finish and will be no doubt be finding a welcome home in record bags across the globe.

Fabio Monesi ‘Parasol Dance’ LP is out on Wilson Records on 18th May 2015.

Track List:

A1. Acidance
A2. C’mon Yo
B1. Groove Merchant
C1. Living For The Night
C2. The Parasol Dance
D1. Give Me A Break
D2. Acid Madness

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