The team behind Dekmantel have just released their second EP of the year, following the success of the hypnotic Marcel Dettmann remixes of Vedomir (aka Vakula) which came out earlier this summer. Appearing on the Dutch imprint this time around is the powerful Italian team-up of Ksoul & Muteoscillator, offering up three tracks which will each take the listener in a different direction. One characteristic each piece of music shares is a clear sign of attention to detail from the makers, perfectly capturing and evoking the right emotions under layers of analog production techniques.

The title-track, ‘Soul Hell’, is the most upbeat of the trio with a warm, yet bouncy bassline and complementary jazzy keys. ‘Stinger’ takes the EP down a much darker, grittier and overall moody route through its raw drums and worn bass hits. Lastly, we get offered a tune much slower in tempo than the others in ‘Detrance’. Delayed melodic synths drape across its echoed landscape while crisp hi-hats lead us towards the finish.

All in all, a solid EP from the Italian pair. Go and grab a copy on vinyl now!

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