Copies of the first stylishly-marbled, heavyweight Vibes LTD release hit record store shelves late in 2012 and sold out everywhere soon after. No artist or track name appeared on the record, letting listeners judge the music on what it is, and not who it was produced by. A second release followed the success of the first earlier this year and now a third offering has arrived from the Danish label.

Fans of the first two releases will undoubtedly have picked this up already, as it brings more of the high quality, deep and downtempo, soulful house music that listeners have come to expect from Vibes LTD. A1 is the perfect early evening tune with its sunny chords and bouncy bass hits, while A2 keeps it deep but adds a hint of disco with its drums and that powerful clap. B1 lets the pad chords and its deep, pitched down vocals do all the work while leading into a tension-building breakdown. Bringing up the tempo to finish the EP, and my personal favourite after so many plays, is B2.

In the world of vinyl-only releases today, anonymity can hurt a new label as much as it can spark the curiosity of a potential audience. Vibes LTD is one of the few hand-stamped, hand-numbered imprints which manages to pull it off successfully.

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