Formed in 1984, Miami based Exposé (originally X-Posed) was the brainchild of dance music producer Lewis A. Martineé. The all-girl trio consisted of Sandra “Sandee” Casanas, Aléjandra “Alé” Lorenzo and Laurie Miller. After just two singles, “Exposed To Love” and “Point Of No Return,” both of which became major club hits, Exposé split up. Alé and Sandee embarked on solo careers, and Sandee had great club success with her solo album “Only Time Will Tell”, which included the dance smash “Notice Me”. The album “Exposure” was released in 1986 and sold over two-million copies and reached the top 20. The album was released with the original versions of “Point Of No Return” and “Exposed To Love,” with the vocals of Alé Lorenzo et al intact. Martineé chose to re-record and re-release “Point Of No Return” with the new vocalists, and the song was a hit....
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Bas Noir – My Love Is Magic

Bas Noir was an American house music duo who were one of the many dance acts signed to Atlantic Records in the early 1990s when the label was in a dance music signing frenzy. Alas, like so many other dance acts signed to the label at that time, they failed to make a big enough impact to warrant a second album.  Not much is known about their origins, but it’s assumed that Mary Ridley and Morie Bivins teamed up as Bas Noir in the late 1980s, choosing a group name meaning ‘black stockings’ for some reason. They teamed up with the Burrell brothers Rheji and Rhano, who as Burrell released an album in 1988, simply titled “Burrell”. The Burrell brothers applied their smooth house sound to this track which happens to be their first single. The song was released on the small Nu Groove label...
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Grampa – She’s Crazy

Don’t we all want a grandfather like Kerri Chandler’s Granddad. I don’t know about you but to make one of the finest 90’s Deep House records with a seasoned old jazz musician sounds like the dream. First release on New Jersey Garage Music Label, Movin’ records, Calvin C. Reed Sr. lent his voice to Chandler’s record in 1993. Little knowing it would become the classic it is today for an untold generations of dancers. Stunning house record and if you don’t have one in your collection, I’d try and scour the world wide web before it becomes rarer than ornamental ivory tusks. R.I.P You wonderful man....
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