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Grampa – She’s Crazy

Don’t we all want a grandfather like Kerri Chandler’s Granddad. I don’t know about you but to make one of the finest 90’s Deep House records with a seasoned old jazz musician sounds like the dream. First release on New Jersey Garage Music Label, Movin’ records, Calvin C. Reed Sr. lent his voice to Chandler’s record in 1993. Little knowing it would become the classic it is today for an untold generations of dancers. Stunning house record and if you don’t have one in your collection, I’d try and scour the world wide web before it becomes rarer than ornamental ivory tusks. R.I.P You wonderful man....
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GREG BEATO – PMA / Hawo / Gimme A Light (L.I.E.S.)

L.I.E.S. grab Miami prodigy Greg Beato for a gritty, hard-wired House follow-up to that killer for Funkineven’s Apron Records. With lip-sucking finesse and funk, the 19 year old producer revitalises classic templates with instinctive drive and swagger, unafraid to make mistakes and really manhandle his machines. Up top is the ruggedly judged bang of ‘PMA’ with its thumping kicks, energised jakk patterns, ruddy offset bassline and darkside basement pads. Down town, ‘Hawo’ shakes out itching hi-hats and grizzled industrial bass with a bunkered techno drive, and the jagged, malfunctioning, off-the-cuff jak ov ‘Gimme A Light’ sounds like Legowelt’s roguish younger sibling....
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“The album is full of highlights and as I mentioned, the entire compliment of songs work incredibly well together. Tropical is most certainly the operative word as almost every song is heavily bestowed with Latin percussion and complimented in the main by motion filled bass lines which are primed for feeling good and get people on their feet. However, this is not just about the dance floor, in much the same way as the music of Motor City Drum Ensemble, this album is about soul; its about freedom of movement and about feeling uninhibited no matter where you are or what you maybe doing. “Marea”, “Inquieto” and “La Palma” perfectly display these attributes. Each possesses the power to transport the listener to anywhere they may like to be. “Paranoidale” is a bit more of a fist pumper, but it still sits suitably within the overall...
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