Alex Agore and James Johnston are still hot!
Their own label is keeping an “insane” quality since the first release.
Following the success of the Consumer EP by fellow label owner James Johnston comes the Praise EP by Alex Agore, and it’s a true return to form for him on No Matter What. The record opens with the title track “Praise” – an inspired tribute to gospel music, keeping all the soul but reimagining it into something more infectious. Uplifting keys combine with vocals that will have you trying your best to sing-a-long, over a bass groove that holds it all together. “Falling” is a slower affair, with its dream-like chords, airy synthwork, cowbell hits and seamless hats. A perfect track to start a night or to end one. The B-side completes the package with two undeniable house jams. You will soon realise how much you like “There’s No Love” when its skippy vocal is stuck in your head, hours after hearing it for the first time. “I Can Feel You” closes out the EP on a deeper note which will have you thinking of moments when the sun is about to rise, yet the night is far from over.

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