Quality vs Quantity?
Nowadays most of all the producer are going to prefer the 2nd option, The Nathaniel X Project seems to be born to preserve the first one.
James Nathaniel Tinsley aka Nathaniel X Project is maybe one the most authentic man behind the 90s house scene. I discovered his work some years ago during a discogs session: Gotta Get Over released on Music Station (1994) was the track that made me a big fan of him.
Another four-track record chalked to the brim with 100% authentic deep house music as Only Nathaniel X can do. We’re not much on fanfare, adjectives, and colorful descriptions – we’ll leave that up to interpretation. All we’ll say is that we feel “Supplement Deux” is every bit the sequel that “First Supplement” was the prequel. “Just A Dance” just blew us away & from there out it was just easy listening.

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