Months ago, I remember how excited I was at the initial announcement of the ‘Many Shades’ volumes. Label owner Mario Castillo, known well for his productions as Kastil, simply teased these compilations with a photo on the label’s Facebook page. My excitement was not unfounded, as some of my favourite tracks of the last two years had appeared under the Soul Notes banner. The first volume of ‘Many Shades’ has easily racked up the most amount of plays out of all of my purchases so far this year. I can happily say the second volume is catching up on that number of plays, while having come out 3 months after the first.

The still-mysterious Crue opens the EP with “VCO Mfkr”, an incredibly raw, acid jam with a kick that hits hard. It has a more classic, techier sound than all of the other Crue productions I have heard, and it is worth noting that this is the first Crue appearance outside of their own hand-stamped, 10-inch white label imprint. “Deeper Love” by Kasper is a deeper affair, as the name suggests, with its hypnotic chords, lonely horns and a soulful vocal. Adryiano’s “On My Side” lightens the mood of the EP, bringing undeniable sunshine vibes, and has undoubtedly been my track of the summer. Lastly, Kirill Tipo brings us “Free Falling”, an equally summery track but one slightly more melancholic. A track that represents both the feeling I get when summer is about to end, and the feeling I got when I realised this great EP was coming to a close. I would thoroughly recommend this collection of tracks to anyone into the deeper side of underground house music at the moment. One last nice touch is that the record itself also comes in a picture sleeve with a message from the label on the back. It ends with:

“We hope you enjoy your very own copy as much as we do. This one might be part of your collection forever.”

To that I can safely say, “Yes, it will be”.

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