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Resident Advisor Review

” Fabio Monesi is a busy guy. The Italian-born, London-based hardware and vinyl obsessive currently looks after two labels, Wilson Records and Hardmoon London, and releases music under his own name and his even lower-fi Hissman alias. Monesi draws inspiration from Chicago, Detroit and garage house, plus other scuffed-up and soulful dance styles associated with black producers from the US. He’s also not afraid of pushing things into the red. A Discogs comment on a Monesi EP says the 12-inch “sounds like it was cut with a dirty needle in a grim toilet.” All this hard work has paid off. Ron Morelli put out an EP from Monesi on Russian Torrent Versions last year, and now Crème Organization is on board with a 12-inch called Last Friday. Monesi is at his best when he applies melody to blown-out percussion. On “Riot” this balance is achieved...
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STABLO No. 9996 – A

Released in 2011, on Berlin based label STABLO as a limited edition release with no presses features two untitled tracks, the release is pretty hard to come by these days with some copies selling online for more than €80. Side A features a heavy backing and an additional heavy bassline. On the B side it switches to a more heavy-dub!            ...
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Kurt Baggaley – Population Too Late

Released in 2011, on the Italian label HotMix Records  “Magic Of Human EP” written and produced by Kurt Baggaley. This EP consists of five tracks reminiscent of the glorious productions on NuGroove Records, features in-depth New Wave and retro analog sounds throughout. Kurt Baggaley has also made a recent return to HotMix with a new EP – Family Resemblance....
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