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“The album is full of highlights and as I mentioned, the entire compliment of songs work incredibly well together. Tropical is most certainly the operative word as almost every song is heavily bestowed with Latin percussion and complimented in the main by motion filled bass lines which are primed for feeling good and get people on their feet. However, this is not just about the dance floor, in much the same way as the music of Motor City Drum Ensemble, this album is about soul; its about freedom of movement and about feeling uninhibited no matter where you are or what you maybe doing. “Marea”, “Inquieto” and “La Palma” perfectly display these attributes. Each possesses the power to transport the listener to anywhere they may like to be. “Paranoidale” is a bit more of a fist pumper, but it still sits suitably within the overall...
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Rio Padice & Massimo Di Lena – Modulo Rz EP (Clone Royal Oak)

Rio Padice and Massimo Di Lena are members of Naples’ Early Sound collective alongside Leskin. Both have discographies dating back a good few years, Padice typically exploring a softer deep house sound, Di Lena something a little more upfront. This EP for Clone Royal Oak follows Di Lena’s excellent Hardlife EP—whose chunky title track found an admirer in Ben UFO, among others—and settles on a neat goldilocks zone between the two producers’ styles. These raw but light-footed analogue excursions cast Padice and Di Lena as a friskier version of the Analogue Cops, although in contrast to the often meandering live-jam style, these tracks are concise and tightly arranged. “Modulo RZ” is a louche number with crunchy percussion, its curt acid bassline a persistent pleasure. “The Octave Lord Of Ring Mode” is a little more thunderous, with a red-raw bassline and hi-hats that seem to be...
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