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STABLO No. 9996 – A

Released in 2011, on Berlin based label STABLO as a limited edition release with no presses features two untitled tracks, the release is pretty hard to come by these days with some copies selling online for more than €80. Side A features a heavy backing and an additional heavy bassline. On the B side it switches to a more heavy-dub!            ...
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Simply one of the most Classic Rare Groove of the 70s. Barney “Blair” Perry began his professional career in his hometown Buffalo, New York, as a guitarist. In 1978, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in recognition of being one of the best R&B songwriters of the period....
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VARIOUS – Contemporary Theories EP – CT HI 2014

New Italian record label formed by an eclectic mix of producers, DJs singers and musicians all with one shared goal. To investigate the contemporary sound of electronic music from a hip hop background. This is where we come in. Diggin’ in the creates of soul & jazz paradise, deeply-rooted music revisited with a Detroit spin to make something new and authentic. This is where we wanna go. No boundaries. A1 – PARKER MADICINE ‘LIFE ON MARS’ A cosmic journey through Detroit and boogie, bursting with harmonic development, arpeggios and subtle variations in rhythm that make this track perfect for fans of the genre. ‘Life on Mars’ is the perfect manifesto for the Detroit Boogie sound of CT-HI and its founder Parker Madicine. A2 – PARKER MADICINE ‘GUESS YOU DIDN’T KNOW’ This neat production by Parker Madicine is made up of a splendidly arranged funk/soul vocal...
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