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STABLO No. 9996 – A

Released in 2011, on Berlin based label STABLO as a limited edition release with no presses features two untitled tracks, the release is pretty hard to come by these days with some copies selling online for more than €80. Side A features a heavy backing and an additional heavy bassline. On the B side it switches to a more heavy-dub!            ...
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Hissman – The Ultimate Degradation EP

Quite exciting isn’t it? This is what Hardmoon London have to say: Hardmoon London is a new independent platform solely focused to release music by the analog militants who are struggling against the loud war on the digital industry. And spread their love of that warm, distorted sound exclusively through vinyl or special tapes. The tracks that we release are recorded directly on tape without “the help” of computers so that; interference, mistakes, and noise are all going to be apart of what’s pressed straight onto those 180 grams of throttling hammers grinding away on wax. And it’s all enclosed within in a special printed sleeve! The first release comes by way of courtesy from the mysterious Hissman who captures, with his name, the vey essense of the tape’s sound: Hissssss… that’s the sound you hear when a tape starts rolling.  ...
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Rodney Bakerr – RH019 (The Lost Tracks)

The last couple of years have brought home countless represses of coveted classics. With vinyls being sold at an whole time high in a plethora of musical avenues; the dusty delta blues all along the waves to the caverns of experimental noise tracks. So it only makes sense that an undeniable Chicago legend and his gems of Acid House come back to play. Having already made the Clone’s classic cuts short list, Rodney Baker’s RH019 (the Lost tracks) is a piece of must have Acid history, considering that many of the Rockin’ House white labels were topping up to around $100. Now if you didn’t know, Rodney Bakerr is one of the most underrated forward thinking pioneers of the Golden age House period. He even wrote the original drum machine patterns for Roland and was probably even one of the first to actually add live...
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