Quite exciting isn’t it? This is what Hardmoon London have to say:

Hardmoon London is a new independent platform solely focused to release music by the analog militants who are struggling against the loud war on the digital industry. And spread their love of that warm, distorted sound exclusively through vinyl or special tapes. The tracks that we release are recorded directly on tape without “the help” of computers so that; interference, mistakes, and noise are all going to be apart of what’s pressed straight onto those 180 grams of throttling hammers grinding away on wax. And it’s all enclosed within in a special printed sleeve!

The first release comes by way of courtesy from the mysterious Hissman who captures, with his name, the vey essense of the tape’s sound: Hissssss… that’s the sound you hear when a tape starts rolling.


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  1. Nice! Just saw this on the coming soon section of Juno, and when i did a google search this came up. Glad to see you on top of things!

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