This is a surprisingly big record. If I hadn’t been told about it,  chances are I probably wouldn’t have known about it for a year, only to come by it with a justifiably elevated price tag.

As promised Hizou Deep Music carry on ‘Keepin’ the Legacy’ by offering us more magnificence in the fifth installment of their series.

Marked up to only a 400 copies, the the EP boasts the likes of G Marcell, James Duncan, Gary Romalis and Satore. Aka Detroit + Chicago, Chiwax and Episodes inductees, highly demanded Metro Area associated trumpeter and of course a certain label head making an appearance.

Pretty big talk from a label that plays it so cool.

Why do I say that? Well, normally the protocol is to draw up the first track and follow logically from their own, instead I accidentally I hit the second track by G Marcell and boy, was that something special.

Titled ‘ Peace Across’ – It’s anything but could be expected by Marcel’s previous production for his Episodes work. Pure dancefloor bliss, designed for heroin- like instant addiction and no less than an emotional roller-coaster of feeling.

Whether a happy coincidence or the subject of meticulous planning, the selection of tracks and sprinkling of artists is a spectacular achievement of harmonious cohesion. The tracks each of these artists have produced are highly commendable tributes to the various cultural and demographic sounds that House has been inspired in and by over the years. With shouts of flavour from New York, Chicago and Detroit and Europe. The record has all the qualities of the quintessential 2014 record. Stripped back down to the barest of beats and ringing a sequence of melodies crossing through entirely extraordinary dimensions. This is a must for all levels of record collectors.


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