No EP has given me greater happiness on first listening. The latest piece that Echovolt records have managed to get hold of is quite a unique record altogether. The story is this experimental breed of New Jersey house and as one could say; a relatively avante-garde disclipline of house production was recorded at his basement studio in Newark, New Jersey during the winter of 1992. This is a benchmark example of a record thats sound only becomes more relevant over time.

The A-side track Alive in the underground as featured on the offical youtube video, in which the Echovolt crew head out to Greece to party with Ray Escortienda, provides perfect visual input of the track’s utility as an essential for those lazy afternoon parties spinning records with friends all across the board to full blown peak hour set’s ‘just hit am’ club renditions. Of course the EP doesn’t fail to stop the pleasure giving there, the two B side tracks Lagrimas En Nueva York; an eclectically pleasant track layered with simple drum patterns and an ever building atmosphere is ideal for knocking the listener into a quite vivid musical trance from start to finish ¬†and of course, Time Waits for No Man; demonstrating a track of its time as quite imaginative and forward thinking, unusually versatile for a moderately darker track. Tip! Sold out in Phonica London the day it dropped in.

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