Initially drumming up interest as a limited release from an unknown artist, the vinyl was eventually discovered to be the work of a Red 7. (But quite confusingly not the Red 7 as referred through Discogs as the moniker donned by Neville Watson and Nick Woolfson who’ve had releases on Housewax the sublabel of the hugely successful vinyl only brand Rawax.)

It’s not a conventional acid track that’s for sure.  Stepping in with 909 kicks, well timed claps and slowly introduced layers of brain-melting sharp hats. Building up the climax with the synth to throw in the fantastic idea of sampling Jive Africa’s seminal disco banger from 1984 by Hugh Masekela – Don’t go lost it baby.

With it’s excited pace and unusual blend of a passive acid bassline slowly making its way into the foreground of the track it’s a perfect contender for a modern contemporary classic.

A repress had landed; I’d try my best to grab any remaining copies.

And there’s a new one coming (Royal Rave),  you didn’t hear it from us!

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