The last couple of years have brought home countless represses of coveted classics. With vinyls being sold at an whole time high in a plethora of musical avenues; the dusty delta blues all along the waves to the caverns of experimental noise tracks. So it only makes sense that an undeniable Chicago legend and his gems of Acid House come back to play.

Having already made the Clone’s classic cuts short list, Rodney Baker’s RH019 (the Lost tracks) is a piece of must have Acid history, considering that many of the Rockin’ House white labels were topping up to around $100. Now if you didn’t know, Rodney Bakerr is one of the most underrated forward thinking pioneers of the Golden age House period. He even wrote the original drum machine patterns for Roland and was probably even one of the first to actually add live instruments to the Chicago flavour both in production and club use.

Points for authenticity!

Four tracks of jackin’ mad acid from Rockin’ House, all analog mayhem A side and B side alike. Helicopter rumbles the wake with a snarling heavy acid bassline, crazy melody and some clap hi-hattin’ combo that feels like we’ve stepped into the midst of some ancient tribal affair as Traffic Jam revels back into dance madness with its hypnotic siren like melodies, ragingĀ  and incessant clapping. Cyber track shoots our listening experience through a void that feels like we’ve been sucked into a portal consisting of the very thingsĀ  man dreamed up in dark vintage sci-fi flicks like that of 2001: A Space Odyssey with the laser like synth shots and raging subtle elements. Jack Beat is the perfect track for cracking up a dance floor, solid kicks and open hi’s to get the rhythm of the party slammed wide open with its perfectly executed gradual build up.

So here’s to you the true fans, the record from 1993.

5/5 must have.

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